Life of a Kindergarten teacher and the children she teaches. Accidents, Nap Time, and ABC's.

Friday, July 29, 2005

First Blog

Let me start by saying..... well not quite sure where to start. I have never created a blog before. I am kinda excited about creating, changing, and sharing information about my life and being a teacher.

In a few weeks I start my second year as a kindergarten teacher. My first year was a mess!!! I was hired the first day school started. I had an empty room and about 10 hours to get supplies, teaching materials, and a plan in place. WOW was that fun. I guess you could say I never really got settled in last year. I was constantly running about with my head cut off.

My students!!! well, I had different ones. I had 7 students in my class of 20 who spoke fluent English. The rest were either spoke Spanish or another language. Do I speak Spanish? Hola, asta la vista, taco bell, buenos dias, si... that is pretty much the extent of my spanish. But I learned a few words during my first year that I will put to good use next year. For example, sienta te (spelling?) means SIT DOWN! :)

I also had a students who would cry (of course) and students who refused to come into my class and would scream and roll around on the floor in the hallway.

But I WILL have a good year this year.

I hope you have enjoyed my first little tid bit of information.

Until we meet again.